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27 July 2010

The Sugar Queen

This book swallowed me. The characters were lovable, for the most part, and the story was rich. I fell in love with Josey Cirrini and Adam, and I even felt like I struggled through the forgiveness process with Chloe and her mysterious, magical books, forgiving Jake for merely being a human male capable of making a mistake.

During the course of the book, Josey, with the help of the strange woman in her closet, Della Lee, learns to take chances, grow up, and basically LIVE. It's the classic example of a group of people thrown together during the lowest points of their lives to pull one another up and show each other that they have more strength than they ever dreamed. 

I'm definitely going to put this author on my list of ones to watch. Her book Garden Spells is already in my foreseeable future!

Check it out on my MUST READ list.

(By the way, I gauge my MUST READ list by the possibility of reading the book or story multiple times. It's highly likely in this case!)


  1. Just the cover of the book is enchanting.

    You seem to have a great taste in literature, and I love reading your reviews. :)

  2. Thanks for you sweet comment! I'm back in school until the end of this month, so I haven't been reading as much as over the summer, but I might just be posting more stuff soon!

    And I agree. I bought the book on the basis of the cover and I wasn't disappointed. :-D