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18 July 2010

The Night Journey

I realize that I promised to post my thoughts on "The Night Journey" by Kathryn Lasky a few weeks ago, but I had other obligations, and as we all know, the casual reading is the first to go. I've also been trying to catch up on some writing, which is going well, thanks for asking. :-D

But, I've buckled down and finished the book.

I have to say that when I bought this book, I was extremely intrigued for two reasons - It was about a Jewish family and their heritage, and it wasn't supernatural. I've been reading so many supernatural novels lately and it was a welcomed change of pace.

Young Rache lives with her mother and father, and grandmother, AND great grandmother, Sashie. The whole family dynamic allows Rache to relive the most important part of Nana Sashie's past--her family's escape from Russia.

As a young pre-teen, Sashie planned the family's escape which could have only been achieved with the creativity of a child's mind. Their journey through the Russian night made my heart race in parts and made me tear up in others. Even though they made it out, despite the efforts of the Tzar Nicholas' army and different obstacles along the way, the book had a 'hardship of life' theme straight to the end.

I'll be honest. I did tear up a lot during the ending chapters. I wasn't sure if I was sad or happy, or why I was feeling each one. LoL But I truly did enjoy this book. It's more of a children's book, but it made for an excellent read. Because of its memorable quality and the life lessons inside, I'm going to put it on my MUST READ list. Actually, I really think I'm going to read it again.

So, without giving away too much, that's all I can say about it. It was moving, thought-provoking, heart-wrenching, and MEMORABLE. If I had children, they'd know this story.

Thanks so much, and I'll see ya.


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