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15 July 2010

The Love Letter

Last night, I decided to have a night of short stories, both reading and writing them. I settled on my couch to finally read "The Love Letter" by Jack Finney.

I'd read it years ago in Junior High, and I remember that I enjoyed it, but last night, it was like reading it for the first time. Every movie adaptation seriously falls short, even the Hallmark version. Don't get me wrong, I'm a rabid Hallmark fan, but nothing compares.

I really identified with both characters, which rarely happens. Helen, in 1882, longed for someone to understand her and treat her as an equal. So much so that she invented a guy in her mind and actually wrote a letter to him. Jack, in the "present" (which is assumed to be the 1950s when the story was written), goes through the motions filling his nights with work and serial dating. When he finds the letter in the hidden drawer, his deep feelings come out and he's compelled to write back to the mystery girl, enraptured by her words.

My favorite aspect of the story is the way the author presents it. He created a situation that is completely impossible, but as you push through, you begin to take on a sense of blind faith, which I think creates a sense of magic.

This story is one of the few that I've read lately that I can say is rich and has a type of 'color' to it. And let me be clear, I'm in the middle of a romance protest, but this story still got to me.

I'm finally going to open my MUST READ list with this story because I feel that strongly about it.

Peace and Love and go out and READ IT! LoL


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