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06 July 2010

Forced Time Off

I hope some of you reading have noticed that I haven't been posting updates here for a few days. The truth is - I'm busy getting ready for the Big Day. My father's funeral benefit is around the corner and will likely take until Monday for me to recover. I've been busy with planning over the weekend, and starting yesterday, BAKING. We're having a cake bingo and a sweets sale, among other things. I tell ya, the whole benefit experience definitely has the potential to become a very intense, albeit brief, blog. We've been through an entire prism of emotions during the process and dealt with some tough businesses and some even tougher people.

But, the imagination never stops...

I've been thinking about different projects that I want to do, need to do, and would love to do. Idle brain time (i.e. baking and spooning tiny teaspoons of butterscotch haystacks onto FIVE cookie sheets) leaves tons of room for thinking and wondering.

I was surprised this morning when a friend of a friend came to my house with her husband to drop off some benefit items, and she pulled me aside and told me that she'd finally read my book of short stories. She laughed when she described how certain characters made her feel. I blushed, her husband right in front of me, when she told me "Some of the guys had me hot and bothered."

Those things are the best.

It reminds me of why I continued writing after high school. I didn't want to just kill time at that point; I was no longer bored. I wanted to make people feel something. I've always been fascinated by emotions, and even though I wasn't going for a sexual vibe with any of my stories in the book (except maybe "Touched"), I'm overjoyed that I made her feel something. That means, I had her attention for the moment, and I tickled her mind in a way.

Yep, that's the reason I continue to write. Thanks to her for helping me to remember that during this BUSY time.



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