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21 June 2010

Whispering to Witches Review

I'm rather excited to report that I just finished Whispering to Witches, a novel by Anna Dale. I was hesitant after the first few chapters, mostly because it seemed to be targeted at the Harry Potter-aged audience and the grammar was a bit different, being written from 'across the pond,' but I'm extremely pleased with this book.

As I said earlier, the target audience would match those of the Harry Potter books, but this book surpassed Harry Potter for me. It didn't have the commercially cute and whimsical characters or some silly 'growing up witchy' rituals or school. It was simply a book about a young witch trying to come into her own by herself, using her mind and problem solving.

I fell in love with many of the characters, including the windsprite Cuthbert and the cat Squibb (also known as Charlie). The book as a whole was imaginative and bright and terribly tightly woven. Things I'd forgotten about from the beginning of the book kept popping up as part of the ending plot. It was fabulous!

I highly recommend this book, especially for a younger reader, or someone, like me, who loved Harry Potter but hated it at the same time (I quit in the middle of Book 4). I give this book 4 1/2 stars, securing a place on my SHOULD READ list. It was heartwarming and all-around cute. Very good job indeed, Ms. Anna Dale!

Next up: Another trip through the supernatural with The Otherworldlies by Jennifer Anne Kogler.

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