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20 June 2010

Turning Something Old Into Something New...

About a year ago, I stumbled upon a website called The premise was simple—you post original content and earn revenue from ads every time your original content was read or viewed. I tried it with my short stories, Raleigh, Casualty of War, and Deathbed. It was a successful trial run, for the most part. I made a few friends, collected some comments on my work, and earned a few coins.
I’d only used the service for about a month and only posted three stories during that time. Other things came into play, more important things, so my experiment ended. But I’d like to try it again with the help of my new friends on Facebook and Myspace and Twitter and here on Blogger.
It’s extremely simple. Once I post a link to the story, you—as the reader—follow it and enjoy all my content completely free! You can click on a few ads if you’d like, but I’m not entirely sure if that has any sway in determining what kind of revenue I get. The website is user-friendly, simplistic in design, and, not only can you find my stuff, but you can discover brand new authors if you care to browse a little while you’re there.

Also, if you happen to be a fellow writer, I urge you to sign up and test the service for yourself. You have to be prolific, posting tons of content to make some change, but the comments and the praise you get along the way are more than worth the effort.
Thanks in advance to everyone who follows me in this brand new adventure. There’s strength in numbers!
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PS - I've added a Triond Widget on the sidebar of this page, creating an instant link between you guys and the stories I've published there! Happy clicking as always!

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