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08 June 2010

Reading Update!

I don't normally do this, but I'm updating you on a novel that I discovered at the local Walmart on Saturday.

I'd been going through one of my cravings, you know, the one where you need to get your hands on a hardcover novel and sink into it? Yeah, that one. So, I'd gone shopping with my cousin and decided to check out the selection. To my non-surprise, there weren't too many interesting choices. All the books I wanted weren't available in hardcover, and I'm OCD in that way. I finally settled upon the title "Thirteen Days to Midnight" by Patrick Carman.

It looked decent - had the elements that I normally love, super powers, questions of morality, love, and a little bit of death stirred around in there.

That brings me to the reason for the update - I'm in the middle of the book and I'm loving it. I can't remember a time when I picked a book up off a shelf on blind faith and didn't regret spending actual cash for it! I'm stoked.

I plan to finish it within the next day or two, so I'll post my thoughts and feelings then.

It's a safe bet, however, that I will be recommending this read!

Peace, Love, and READ SOMETHING!


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