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14 June 2010

-:- Rant Alert -:-

Yesterday afternoon, I realized why so many people download books online, both legally and illegally.

I perused the shelves of the local big bookstore chain, looking for a few titles I’d had my eye on before I left home, and found that I couldn’t find a single one in hardcover. What is the point of going to a fancy bookstore if you’re not going to buy a crisp, clean hardcover book and browse the aisles holding a tall cup of coffee?

I walked into the store with the intention of starting a collection. Sookie Stackhouse novels, the City of Bones novels, or even a collection of Nicholas Sparks novels. (I realize that’s a huge spectrum to cover, but my interests are WIDE.) None of the first books in any of the series were hardcover. Hardly any of them were available at all, besides neatly wrapped $50 boxed sets. Honestly, who has half a hundred dollars to drop on books they haven’t very well had the chance to read yet?

Finally, after quite a bit of walking around and sighing and rubbing my arms awkwardly, I found a couple of standalone novels. Not surprisingly, each of them was being sold for the list price. What happened to stores cutting you a deal? If I go on the website, they have ‘list price,’ ‘our price,’ and a ‘club price’. Why don’t I get that same consideration when I use the gas to actually travel to your store? Does that mean that I have to pay an extra $5-7? It seems so.

I wasn’t dropping $20 on a single book. $12-15, maybe, but not more. It’s senseless when the website lists it in my price range. I guess my question is – why are things so unaffordable when we are expected to do the right thing and pay for them? I’m sorry, but I’m not paying $30 for your novel, Mr. Sparks. I’ll just pay $12 at Walmart for the DVD.

And I realize that the cost has gone up because of stealing and markups and internet downloading affecting the market, but come on. For the honest people, it’s a kick in the mouth.

On the bright side, I found five books for the price of ONE in the Bargain books section. Each hardcover novel was $3.95, one was even $1.00. That’s what we call a silver lining, guys.

So watch for these reviews coming up pretty soon –

Whispering to Witches (Currently reading – very promising.)
The Whispering Road
The Otherworldlies
The Secrets of Peaches
The Night Journey (A National Jewish Book Award Winner)

Up next: A short story review of "Brokeback Mountain" by Annie Proulx.

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