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23 June 2010

I found a favorite new album!

1. Son
2. Removed
3. Pollyanna Rose
4. Never Learn, Never Lose
5. Seeing Angels
6. Vodka Knows
7. Killing Everyone
8. Ballad of an Overnight Success
9. The Low Road
10. Coming Back
11. Spendin' Time with Me
12. Bluesy Larue

I just discovered that Billy Burke, Charlie Swan from the Twilight Saga movies, has been working on a debut album. I was excited, to say the least, and then I previewed the tracks. It's a decent offering with 12 tracks, but the little preview clips weren't enough to make a proper decision. So, I moved on to Youtube and watched the video for his single "Removed".

The video was sultry, hot, and had a Southwestern cowboy thing going on, with the sunset lighting and the jeans: winning combination for Billy.

In short, I visited his website, left a comment, and bought the album then and there. =) And I'm not disappointed in any way. The album has a classic feel, and his raspy, soft voice soothes you. It reminds me of old tracks from the Wallflowers. I miss that kind of stuff. I miss the honesty in music. I've skipped over a lot of male artists lately because I'm tired of all the songs being about how they're trying to score tail and such.

Billy's album is filled with songs that were inspired by actual things in his life, you can tell by the way he tells the story by way of his words and his voice. I'm recommending it to everyone.

My favorite songs so far are: "Seeing Angels," "Vodka Knows," "Spendin' Time with Me," and "Bluesy Larue," which is entirely TOO CUTE as a testament to his daughter about the process of welcoming her into the world.

I'll be listening to the album much more in the days to come, and I'm sure the list of favorites will grow.

I'll leave you guys with this: I'm blown away.


Check It Out on iTunes!
Visit Billy Online

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