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22 June 2010

Boy My Blog is Filling Out! =)

I'm so happy to see my content filling out here on my blog. It seemed so naked, and seemed to have no direction for such a long time. But now, with the help of those nifty little boxes you see to your right, things are shaping up!

I'd like to introduce you to some of them. I have the one for the books that I've recently read and featured on the blog and a matching box for the authors of those books. Then, I have a cool widget which acts as a live feed for those readers interested in my latest stuff. Also, for those of you just interested in my short stories, I've created a brand new box just for them ------> Over there. =)

Hope it makes things easier. I know that it feels so much easier to share my personal stuff with you through them (favorite books, authors, websites). Nifty. LoL

I'm halfway through "The Otherworldlies" already, just as a heads up!

Til next time,


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