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27 July 2010

The Sugar Queen

This book swallowed me. The characters were lovable, for the most part, and the story was rich. I fell in love with Josey Cirrini and Adam, and I even felt like I struggled through the forgiveness process with Chloe and her mysterious, magical books, forgiving Jake for merely being a human male capable of making a mistake.

19 July 2010

Random Excited Post!

I'm gonna take up some posting space to tell you guys, all my friends, just how excited I am about my new Facebook Reading List! It went over VERY well with my Facebook people and I've been getting more comments and messages because of it!

The fact that people are praising my work and actually buying physical copies of my two previous books has me in a totally different place. It's not that I can retire all my other life plans and sit back with some wine coolers (classy right?), it's just that my stuff is finally REALLY out there, at the mercy of people other than myself and my close circle of friends. Excitement is the only way I can describe the feeling.

Thank you goes out to all of you who hop over from Facebook to read my book reviews on here and whatever other ramblings I feel like posting. And thanks to Kevin, my ONE blogger follower!! Very much appreciated!

See you guys a little later. Reading "The Sugar Queen" at the moment, another bargain book I picked up.


18 July 2010

The Night Journey

I realize that I promised to post my thoughts on "The Night Journey" by Kathryn Lasky a few weeks ago, but I had other obligations, and as we all know, the casual reading is the first to go. I've also been trying to catch up on some writing, which is going well, thanks for asking. :-D

But, I've buckled down and finished the book.

15 July 2010

The Love Letter

Last night, I decided to have a night of short stories, both reading and writing them. I settled on my couch to finally read "The Love Letter" by Jack Finney.

I'd read it years ago in Junior High, and I remember that I enjoyed it, but last night, it was like reading it for the first time. Every movie adaptation seriously falls short, even the Hallmark version. Don't get me wrong, I'm a rabid Hallmark fan, but nothing compares.

11 July 2010

Returning to a Normal Existence

Our funeral benefit fiasco is over. I'm working on cleaning my house and returning to my regularly scheduled everyday programming. More stuff to come!


06 July 2010

Forced Time Off

I hope some of you reading have noticed that I haven't been posting updates here for a few days. The truth is - I'm busy getting ready for the Big Day. My father's funeral benefit is around the corner and will likely take until Monday for me to recover. I've been busy with planning over the weekend, and starting yesterday, BAKING. We're having a cake bingo and a sweets sale, among other things. I tell ya, the whole benefit experience definitely has the potential to become a very intense, albeit brief, blog. We've been through an entire prism of emotions during the process and dealt with some tough businesses and some even tougher people.

But, the imagination never stops...

29 June 2010

The Otherworldlies by Jennifer Anne Kogler

I haven't read a novel in such long sessions in a long time! I found it hard to put this book down. I didn't have much time this past week to read, so I figured I'd just read a few chapters when I could fit them in, but I'd end up reading like 5 or 6 instead of 2 or 3.

23 June 2010

I found a favorite new album!

1. Son
2. Removed
3. Pollyanna Rose
4. Never Learn, Never Lose
5. Seeing Angels
6. Vodka Knows
7. Killing Everyone
8. Ballad of an Overnight Success
9. The Low Road
10. Coming Back
11. Spendin' Time with Me
12. Bluesy Larue

I just discovered that Billy Burke, Charlie Swan from the Twilight Saga movies, has been working on a debut album. I was excited, to say the least, and then I previewed the tracks. It's a decent offering with 12 tracks, but the little preview clips weren't enough to make a proper decision. So, I moved on to Youtube and watched the video for his single "Removed".

22 June 2010

Boy My Blog is Filling Out! =)

I'm so happy to see my content filling out here on my blog. It seemed so naked, and seemed to have no direction for such a long time. But now, with the help of those nifty little boxes you see to your right, things are shaping up!

I'd like to introduce you to some of them. I have the one for the books that I've recently read and featured on the blog and a matching box for the authors of those books. Then, I have a cool widget which acts as a live feed for those readers interested in my latest stuff. Also, for those of you just interested in my short stories, I've created a brand new box just for them ------> Over there. =)

21 June 2010

Whispering to Witches Review

I'm rather excited to report that I just finished Whispering to Witches, a novel by Anna Dale. I was hesitant after the first few chapters, mostly because it seemed to be targeted at the Harry Potter-aged audience and the grammar was a bit different, being written from 'across the pond,' but I'm extremely pleased with this book.

As I said earlier, the target audience would match those of the Harry Potter books, but this book surpassed Harry Potter for me. It didn't have the commercially cute and whimsical characters or some silly 'growing up witchy' rituals or school. It was simply a book about a young witch trying to come into her own by herself, using her mind and problem solving.

20 June 2010

Turning Something Old Into Something New...

About a year ago, I stumbled upon a website called The premise was simple—you post original content and earn revenue from ads every time your original content was read or viewed. I tried it with my short stories, Raleigh, Casualty of War, and Deathbed. It was a successful trial run, for the most part. I made a few friends, collected some comments on my work, and earned a few coins.
I’d only used the service for about a month and only posted three stories during that time. Other things came into play, more important things, so my experiment ended. But I’d like to try it again with the help of my new friends on Facebook and Myspace and Twitter and here on Blogger.
It’s extremely simple. Once I post a link to the story, you—as the reader—follow it and enjoy all my content completely free! You can click on a few ads if you’d like, but I’m not entirely sure if that has any sway in determining what kind of revenue I get. The website is user-friendly, simplistic in design, and, not only can you find my stuff, but you can discover brand new authors if you care to browse a little while you’re there.

15 June 2010

"Brokeback Mountain" Review

The other night, I felt the need to read a short story. I’ve been wanting to experience a decent short for a while now, so I settled on my couch to read ‘Brokeback Mountain’ FINALLY. I’ve had it for quite some time but never really had the courage to get through it. The movie was entirely too quiet and, honestly, the plot wasn’t that gripping to me. I didn’t want to read the short story and discover that it’s just as bad—or worse, discover that the movie didn’t begin to do it justice.

Well, I fought my fears and made my discoveries. The short story was a tad better than the movie.

The entire story focuses on Ennis DelMar’s point of view. It doesn’t flop back and forth from Ennis in Utah to Jack Twist in Texas like the movie did (causing it to approach Titanic’s length). I enjoyed seeing the author, being a woman, describe a man living alone. Like the rest of the short story, the portrayal was raw and matter-of-fact. He recycled coffee and pissed in the kitchen sink of his camper. I will never look at my grandfather in the same light, being a retired farm-hand.

14 June 2010

-:- Rant Alert -:-

Yesterday afternoon, I realized why so many people download books online, both legally and illegally.

I perused the shelves of the local big bookstore chain, looking for a few titles I’d had my eye on before I left home, and found that I couldn’t find a single one in hardcover. What is the point of going to a fancy bookstore if you’re not going to buy a crisp, clean hardcover book and browse the aisles holding a tall cup of coffee?

10 June 2010

Thirteen Days to Midnight

I finished reading Thirteen Days to Midnight last night, and I have to say that my pleasantly surprised feeling lasted throughout the final pages. It was definitely a book that you could understand and follow--even predict the plot in some parts--but, just when you think you know where it's going, there's just enough of a twist to keep you interested. The final 'hours to midnight' were page turners, for sure, and the most unlikely character became a villain in the end. I give it FOUR out of FIVE thumbs, and while it may not be a MUST READ, it's still easily in the category of books you SHOULD READ.

It was a very entertaining and welcomed escape.

Peace and Love:


08 June 2010

Reading Update!

I don't normally do this, but I'm updating you on a novel that I discovered at the local Walmart on Saturday.

I'd been going through one of my cravings, you know, the one where you need to get your hands on a hardcover novel and sink into it? Yeah, that one. So, I'd gone shopping with my cousin and decided to check out the selection. To my non-surprise, there weren't too many interesting choices. All the books I wanted weren't available in hardcover, and I'm OCD in that way. I finally settled upon the title "Thirteen Days to Midnight" by Patrick Carman.

19 May 2010

"Beneath the Stairs" Short Story


I’ve been here for weeks—waiting. My mother told me to wait beneath the stairs, so I did. I’m still here, huddled to myself and shivering. Though the cold air has long numbed my skin, my stupid body shivers and my bones rattle. I’m not even sure if it’s still cold or if it’s day or night. But I know that I’m terrified.

I’d gotten home from my date with Gregg past curfew, and I knew my step-father would have a real red face about it, so I snuck up the stairs carrying my sling backs in one hand and my pair of flowers in the other. My doorknob squeaked the way it always does, and the door jammed at the top. I skillfully lifted it and broke it free without any significant sound. I thought I’d just lay in my bed a while—above the covers, the way I lay with Gregg when we’re alone—then I’d spring for the kitchen to at least grab a snack bag of chips. For some reason, my stomach was really pinching, a kind of cramped ache.

My bedspread stuck to my back, static creating a bond between us. I hated the fabric, but the color had been gorgeous when I picked it out. My eyes closed, filled with thoughts of the vibrant blue bedspread, as my skin picked from the sticky silk. I was in the middle of cursing the god-forbidden shit when I heard the rattling downstairs.

"The Stolen Mansion" Short Story


Thick patches of fog settled across the darkened streets on the shores of a river running through London. Stunning quiet had befallen the sleeping city as the two o’clock hour rang from the clock tower. A single light in the distance burned with intense enthusiasm, fighting valiantly to stay alive in the blistering cold.

Protected by a thin sheet of glass, the candle flickered earnestly in a window of the largest house on the east side of the river. Every other house from the river to the horizon sat dark and quiet, alone. Tiny signs of life appeared amid the harsh winter silence as a shadow sauntered through the glowing window of the three-story mansion.

A woman’s hand took hold of the light, grabbing the tarnished silver base of the candlestick. Things from her childhood came into focus. A worn rag doll with blonde hair and brown eyes caught her attention. It was nestled on the side of a familiar music box.

12 May 2010

"Raleigh" Short Story


Faded sunlight cut across Raleigh’s vision as she fluttered her eyes open. She felt a dull, dry feeling—her agonizing perception of the world around her—seep into her skin with the warm sunlight. Through her beautiful green eyes, the windows to her delicate soul, she saw no color. Born without the ability to see vibrant and vivacious flowers or insects, paintings or Technicolor movies, and even the different hues of her own skin and hair, Raleigh matured through the hardships of a life made entirely of one charcoal sketch after another.

The scenery changed many times from one hospital to the next. The hallways and corridors stretched farther and echoed louder with increasing screams and laments from patients much more insane and out of touch with reality. During the initiation into her current whitewashed prison, Raleigh let go of the memories of her very last friend.

The thought of Stephanie’s hair, soft gray and grown beyond the small of her back, tickled Raleigh’s lonesome nose as she sat in the leather chair at the front desk, just as calm and quiet as any given ‘sane’ person. She fought the engraved images in her mind and the familiar tingle along the contour of her face, trying ever-so-hard to nod her head at the right moments during the routine speech from the head nurse.

29 March 2010

Wolves' Creek Press Release



FROM: J.J. Patton

Wolves’ Creek BOOK RELEASE

ONLINE, March 29, 2010.
J.J. Patton’s new book, Wolves’ Creek, has been scheduled to become available today through eRetail services at The book, made of a series of six episodic short stories following Philip Greene, an early 30-something serial killer, and his return to his childhood home—the quiet and quaint Wolves’ Creek, Mississippi—will be available in a variety of formats, including hardcover, paperback, and eBook file. The eBook edition will be downloadable to any device that has PDF (Portable Document File) technology. For personal computers, simply download the completely free Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.

SYNOPSIS: After an entire lifetime of running and backpacking from place to place, Philip Greene decides to end things where they originally began—his hometown, Wolves’ Creek, Mississippi. Desperate for a second try at the life he should’ve had, he scrambles across the country, escaping Louisville as the bodies started piling too high, but his plans didn’t allow for the inevitable things he’d encounter during his homecoming: Dessie, Jonathan, and a pair of smart detectives.

Dessie, a bookstore clerk, falls into his life, befriending him at his most vulnerable, ultimately bringing him closer to self destruction. Jonathan, a lonely bar hand trying to claw his way out of a small town rut, slips into the fray, becoming the finishing piece in the brand new life Philip traveled so far to find. But the final variables, two hard-collar detectives, shatter all hope for the triad of friends as they take advantage of Philip’s carelessness, waiting for an arrest with handcuffs drawn.

Secrets surface, choices are made, and death takes a seat in the front row of this gritty six-part short story series.

The first book in the proposed trilogy series is on sale NOW. Visit to order your copy today!


JJ Patton Online
Click here to preview and order!