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27 July 2010

The Sugar Queen

This book swallowed me. The characters were lovable, for the most part, and the story was rich. I fell in love with Josey Cirrini and Adam, and I even felt like I struggled through the forgiveness process with Chloe and her mysterious, magical books, forgiving Jake for merely being a human male capable of making a mistake.

19 July 2010

Random Excited Post!

I'm gonna take up some posting space to tell you guys, all my friends, just how excited I am about my new Facebook Reading List! It went over VERY well with my Facebook people and I've been getting more comments and messages because of it!

The fact that people are praising my work and actually buying physical copies of my two previous books has me in a totally different place. It's not that I can retire all my other life plans and sit back with some wine coolers (classy right?), it's just that my stuff is finally REALLY out there, at the mercy of people other than myself and my close circle of friends. Excitement is the only way I can describe the feeling.

Thank you goes out to all of you who hop over from Facebook to read my book reviews on here and whatever other ramblings I feel like posting. And thanks to Kevin, my ONE blogger follower!! Very much appreciated!

See you guys a little later. Reading "The Sugar Queen" at the moment, another bargain book I picked up.


18 July 2010

The Night Journey

I realize that I promised to post my thoughts on "The Night Journey" by Kathryn Lasky a few weeks ago, but I had other obligations, and as we all know, the casual reading is the first to go. I've also been trying to catch up on some writing, which is going well, thanks for asking. :-D

But, I've buckled down and finished the book.

15 July 2010

The Love Letter

Last night, I decided to have a night of short stories, both reading and writing them. I settled on my couch to finally read "The Love Letter" by Jack Finney.

I'd read it years ago in Junior High, and I remember that I enjoyed it, but last night, it was like reading it for the first time. Every movie adaptation seriously falls short, even the Hallmark version. Don't get me wrong, I'm a rabid Hallmark fan, but nothing compares.

11 July 2010

Returning to a Normal Existence

Our funeral benefit fiasco is over. I'm working on cleaning my house and returning to my regularly scheduled everyday programming. More stuff to come!